Know-how, experience and involvement

SSEB engineers are specialized in product engineering, tooling engineering, machine engineering, process engineering and reverse engineering in various sectors. This includes new products, processes, machines and tooling, but also the further development of them.

Our engineers closely work together with your staff, are often part of multidisciplinary teams, are flexible and realize custom work. You can call in SSEB for every stage of your project en for every expertise. From development, up to and including the turnkey delivery of products.

To directly become involved in the idea stage of a project, that is what SSEB engineers prefer. At that time, you express your wishes and requirements and let SSEB share their know-how and expertise with you. Preliminary research and obtaining an overview of possibilities and impossibilities at an early stage saves time and costs later on in the project. Pooling of design know-how, engineering and manufacturing is SSEB’s strength.

SSEB engineers are aware of the latest technological developments and have up-to-date theoretical knowledge. They integrate technology, automation and IT. Our approach is known as pragmatic and result-oriented. Smart solutions that actually work. SSEB know your daily practice, are in direct contact with you and can often be found on the customers’ work floor.

Long-standing relations benefit from efficiency and creativity resulting from customer know-how

You continuously work on your competitive advantage and look for smart innovations. You want to market these fast and directly, with a high yield. We, at SSEB, completely understand this. We would like to work on this with you and get better, the longer we work for you.

SSEB integrates all the know-how and experience, gathered during projects, in its systems. As a result, subsequent projects will be executed even more efficiently for both parties. The better we get to know our customers, the more creative we become. Just ask our current customers, who praise the important added value of SSEB’s customer know-how.

State-of-the-art 3D engineering software

SSEN engineers use state-of-the-art 3D engineering software, such as CatiaSiemens NXSiemens PLM, AutoForm and EPLAN.

Specializations in engineering

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– product engineering
– tooling engineering
– machine engineering
– process engineering
– reverse engineering

Engineering problem?

We would like to spar with you, so that you can experience how SSEB thinks and works. At SSEB you always have direct contact with the engineer, also during a first meeting, free of obligations. Please call or mail for an appointment!

Interested in a cooperation?

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