Process engineering

Meet SSEB’s process engineers

SSEB’s process engineers are active in various sectors and work on designing, analyzing, monitoring and improving processes and installations. The SSEB process engineers are always close to the daily practice. They won’t remain at their drawing table, but look at your wishes and requirements in close cooperation with your staff, on the work floor.

At SSEB you always have a direct link with our process engineers. It is our experience that short lines and a vast know-how of your practice and specific requirements lead to smarter and faster solutions.

Process engineering from A to Z

SSEB process engineers help companies in devising and designing new process installations and adapting existing systems. SSEB looks at your wishes from a technical and process point of view. We offer custom-made support. On parts, of from the concept, design, feasibility studies, up to and including detailed engineering and, in cooperation with the SSEB partners, construction, commissioning and maintenance. Turnkey.

Software for process engineering

During the entire process our process engineers will spar and outsource tasks to other SSEB engineers, e.g. mechanical engineers. The SSEB engineers use state-of-the-art 3D CAD software in everything they do. They have much experience in working with CatiaSiemens NX (including the Progressive Die Design module), Siemens PLMAutoForm and EPLAN.

Want to know more about process engineering?

Do you want to find out if your process can be done smarter, or do you have to set up a new process for customer? Then talk to an SSEB process engineer first and experience our know-how and expertise. Call or mail us for an appointment, free of obligations!

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