Engineering deep drawing tools

SSEB: Engineering specialist in large deep drawing tools

SSEB specializes in engineering deep drawing tools; our experience and know-how in this field of expertise is unprecedented. SSEB engineers are particularly specialized in engineering large deep drawing tools.

At SSEB, deep drawing tooling engineering means engineering, automation and IT of deep drawing tools, from design up to and including process planning. If so desired, SSEB will take care of project management as well. SSEB offers tailor-made services in every tool engineering expertise

SSEB and Autoform: benefit from years of experience and materials science
During the development of deep drawing tools SSEB engineers use AutoForm for simulations, manufacturability analysis or feasibility studies and method planning. AutoForm enables the quick and easy assessment of the feasibility of parts and processes, as well as determination of shape, materials used and costs.

Within SSEB, there is a very high level of knowledge of Autoform. However, knowledge alone is insufficient. Experience and practical know-how ensure that SSEB engineers know how to interpret the results of studies and calculations.

SSEB customers also benefit from concepts and experiences from previous simulation projects en earlier stages. Over many years, a huge know-how of materials was built. The results of the sheet metal forming simulations are stored in AutoForm and can be utilized directly and simply in subsequent stages.

This is how the customer benefits from the advantages of simulation engineering:

– cost and time savings
– quality optimization
– maximized efficiency and productivity

Deep drawing tools projects
Our website shows a number of examples of tooling projects executed by SSEB.

Sourcing out deep drawing tooling engineering to SSEB?
Are you looking for an experienced and skilled partner in the field of tooling engineering of (large) deep drawing tools? Then you must come and meet our engineers. They will convince you of SSEB’s huge expertise in this field. Will you contact us for a free and informal meeting?

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