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SSEB is specialist in progressive die follow, cutting and bending tools, transfer tools, deep-drawing tools and forming tools

SSEB’s expertise is unique in terms of progressive die follow, cutting and bending tools, transfer tools, deep-drawing tools and forming tools. Our experience and know-how in the field of tooling is unprecedented. It is therefore no wonder that many toolshops and OEMs are loyal customers of SSEB, for tooling, engineering and tool construction.

For a long time, engineering of tools for 3D body parts for the automotive industry was the main focus of SSEB. Its expertise in this field is broad and deep; for large and small parts, for various sectors, and turnkey, from idea and engineering, up to and including construction. For the construction of tools SSEB Systems, the production branch of SSEB, cooperates with renowned partners. Each one of these are partners for whom SSEB has been carrying out tooling engineering for many years. As a result, SSEB knows the final results as no other.

Tooling engineering and/or construction: the way you want and in a flexible matter

It often depends on the type of company whether SSEB gets a turnkey commission for tooling or just the engineering part. OEMs, for instance, prefer working with SSEB on a turnkey basis, from A to Z. From development, preliminary research, engineering, up to and including construction and project management. To SSEB it doesn’t matter. Within our toolshop we are flexible and the way you want, according to your wishes.

Toolmakers regard SSEB as their engineering department and like to outsource – in the case of undercapacity – tooling engineering to SSEB. SSEB then takes on engineering, automation and IT of tooling, from design, up to and including process planning. Next, the tooling companies produce the tooling themselves or SSEB commissions them to do so.

Steps in making tools

SSEB recognizes a large number of steps in tooling. SSEB can be deployed for parts, or for the entire process.

The idea

Customers often involve SSEB in the idea stage of a process, in which case SSEB engineers regularly propose improvement ideas. Experience teaches that time and money is saved when SSEB becomes involved in an early stage. It contributes to the speed, effectivity and final result.

Project management

If so desired, SSEB will take on the overall project management of a project, including the technical disciplines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation , as well as purchasing, administration, planning and document control. Project management focuses on quality, planning and finances. In addition to our regular engineering activities, technical analyses, risk analyses, consultancy, cost evaluations, negotiations, customer deliveries, inspection, cost reporting, status reporting, material requirements and construction hours estimates, complete the picture.

Preliminary research

SSEB engineers cannot start without thorough preliminary research. They prefer to check beforehand what works and where possible problems might occur. During this stage, important decisions are taken concerning the tooling to be

– Goal
– Technical and legal requirements
– Material characteristics
– Production methods
– Cost control

Tooling Engineering

Read more here about smart, pragmatic and result-oriented tooling engineering at SSEB. This stage of development takes place in close cooperation with the customer and product suppliers. This way, we make optimal use of the know-how of all parties involved.

As part of tooling engineering we carry out feasibility studies and FEM-analyses, and we simulate the process of a random tool. When engineering progressive die follow, cutting and bending tools, transfer tools, deep-drawing tools and forming tools, we use state-of-the-art 3D CAD software such as CatiaSiemens NX (including the Progressive Die Design module), Siemens PLM and AutoForm. SSEB’s huge material know-how is unique, as is the fact that we secure and further develop our knowledge of our customers.

Method planning, measuring transduction, inspection fixtures and welding inspection are also part of SSEB’s expertise within tooling engineering. We also construct and build automation systems for e.g. transfer tooling.


Prototyping in metal and/or plastic, deploying various technologies. SSEB can produce metal and plastic proto-parts, from single pieced, up to and including small series. Read more on our page Prototyping.

Tooling construction

SSEB will construct any tooling for you. From various manual input tools, up to and including very complicated progressive die follow, cutting and bending tools, transfer tools, deep-drawing tools and forming tools. We have a broad experience in the complete construction and assembly of complicated tooling.

When SSEB is asked to also take on production and maintenance of the tooling, SSEB Systems is called in. SSEB Systems selects from its network the most suited partner to construct the tooling. SSEB engineers remain in control and carry the responsibility. This is how SSEB unburdens the customer, from design stage, up to and including the production of tooling, turnkey.

Information management is the key to a successful cooperation between partner firms that aim to realize a joint project as efficiently as possible. Using experience from the past, we developed a PMS system for efficient project management.

Talking about tooling?

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