3D metal printing

Investment in 3D metal printer yields high-quality results

SSEB was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to invest in a professional 3D metal printer to make high-quality 3D metal printed items for its customers. In the past years, 3D metal printing technology has evolved to its current quality level, printing speed and surface structure at a rapid pace. 3D metal printing is currently often being applied in the tooling, medical and aerospace industries. SSEB supplies reliable 3D-printed tooling that will make your manufacturing process faster, cheaper, better and more durable.

Unlimited possibilities

Meanwhile, SSEB has gained extensive experience with 3D metal printing. We can print using various materials, including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and tooling steel. The metal characteristics after printing virtually equal the standard characteristics of the metal. Compared to conventional technology, 3D metal printing offers unlimited possibilities for companies in various branches.

Thanks to the 3D metal printer companies, large and small, can build bridges between innovative and conventional ways of working. With SSEB as your partner in 3D metal printing you are assured of high-quality, smart solutions. SSEB will think along about perfecting your tooling and products.  Optimizing design drawings is just one example.

SSEB creates innovative processes and product solutions based on layer-on-layer or Metal Additive Manufacturing Technology, with an emphasis on weight reduction, operational optimization, direct digital production and reduced use of raw materials and energy.

Combination of conventional and 3D metal printing

SSEB believes that the future lies in a combination of conventional products and printed products. In the future, 3D printing will increasingly replace turning and milling. 3D printing also enables component applications that cannot be realized by machining (complex shapes). It meets the trend towards reduced series and is also the right choice for small metal products, of which many can be manufactured at the same time.

In addition to 3D metal printing companies can call in SSEB for reverse engineering3D scanning, development, realization (by supplying STL or STEP file) and possible (machine) post-processing of your product (e.g. fitting, grinding and polishing). SSEB can thus supply your 3D metal printed products exactly conform drawing.

The advantages of 3D metal printing

  • very well suited for smaller volumes
    • fast production possible
    • complex shapes with complex internal structures possible
    • no design limitations
    • use of very high-quality materials
    • reduced development cycle
    • increased productivity
    • reduced weight
    • material and energy savings
    • use of new alloys
    • access to innovative ideas

3D metal printing: various types of metal

SSEB is known for its extensive know-how of materials. When it comes to printing metal products, we can advise on material that is best suited for your application. The following materials may be used with the SSEB 3D metal printer; all of them are CE-certified:
– Tooling steel 1.2709
– Stainless steel 1.4404
– Stainless steel 1.4542
– Aluminum AlSi10Mg
– Inconel 718
– Direct Metal 20
– Titanium

Your own CAD drawing or engineering by SSEB

3D metal printing is done using CAD drawings (.STL or .STEP files). If you do not have a CAD drawing, SSEB can make one. By way of engineering, 3D scanning of a model or reverse engineering from an existing product.

You can also develop your products in cooperation with SSEB. SSEEB has the know-how and experience to develop custom-made products. Development takes place in close cooperation with the customer and with product suppliers. This ensures that optimum use is made from the know-how of all parties involved.

Sectors and options for 3D metal printing

3D metal printing offers ample opportunities for many branches:
• Automotive, Shipping and Aerospace industries
• Die-casting companies
• Metal working companies
• Machine construction
• Toolshops
• Chemical industry
• Foodstuffs industry
• Medical industry
• Design

In all these sectors, possibilities for 3D printing are currently being explored.  We are at the start of a new era. The possibilities are endless.

With 3D printed metal tooling, SSEB can help manufacturing companies to produce better, faster, cheaper and more durable. SSEB set the goal to, in cooperation with customers, realize improvements through tooling that offers customers a technical lead in their branch.

In addition, 3D printing offers unprecedented possibilities in creativity. All consumer goods, toys and design product scan be 3D printed. Think of:
• Jewelry & watches
• Art objects
• Toys & gadgets
• Fashion articles

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