Development and engineering for the automotive sector

Over 20 years of experience in the field of development, engineering, simulation, process optimization and project management in the automotive industry makes this the number one sector SSEB engineers excel in, in terms of know-how and expertise. From all over the world, OEM’s and suppliers, such as tool shops, ask SSEB to think along and help engineers. We even dare to state that our experience in the field of Automotive Tooling and Automotive AutoForm simulations is unique.

SSEB’s expertise is valuable to the automotive industry. Equally valuable is SSEB’s know-how of materials, gathered in the past 20 years and secured in our system. It contains unique information on steel, titanium and aluminum, obtained during 20 years of simulations and testing. Our know-how and experience are united in smart solutions that allow automotive companies to make better products and produce in a more cost-efficient manner.

SSEB likes to accept the challenge. SSEB engineers enjoy locking themselves in complex technical issues, sharing their knowledge, being close to the customer and working together with your staff in multidisciplinary teams. Developing progressive die tools, tooling, machines and products is their daily work. The way you wish and in a flexible manner.

You can also involve SSEB in the turnkey delivery of machines, progressive die tools, tooling, and final products. Production takes place in cooperation with SSEB Systems. This branch of SSEB works together with reliable suppliers and partners.
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