Siemens PLM

Product Life Cycle Management

SSEB uses Siemens PLM software to allow you to efficiently manage all information and work during the entire life cycle of your product. From concept, idea, development, production, service and sale. You can use Siemens PLM as your information management system or as an entrepreneurial strategy to let your global staff and suppliers work together in separate teams.

All data, processes and company systems can be integrated in Siemens PLM. Using Siemens PLM, you can work on designs, production processes and support, while securing all results and know-how gained in the system. With Siemens PLM, solid, joint decisions can be taken, based on facts, at any point of the product life cycle.

Various functions and technologies can be converged in Siemens PLM, including:
– Product data management (PDM)
– Computer-aided design (CAD)
– Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
– 3D computer aided engineering (CAE) and simulation
– Predictive analytics technology
– Mechatronic system simulation (1D CAE)
– Finite element analyses (FEA)
– Modal testing and analyses
– Digital production
– Manufacturing operations management (MOM)

Innovating together with Siemens PLM software

Siemens PLM is a digital platform in which all information on a product is secured, and with which people all over the world can innovate together, by giving them specific access to the system at a specific point in time.

This is how SSEB engineers set up Siemens PLM software for companies in various sectors or how they obtain access to the customer’s Siemens PLM software.

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