AutoForm Simulations

Sheet Metal Forming simulation

While SSEB development uses CatiaSiemens NX and Siemens PLM CAD-systems, simulations, feasibility analyses or feasibility studies and method planning are carried out using AutoForm.

AutoForm is known as the best software program for sheet metal forming simulations. SSEB often applies AutoForm engineering for tooling manufacturers, toolshops, and other industries active in sheet metal forming.

AutoForm simulations result in an improvement in the planning reliability, a reduction of the number of tests, and a reduction of the try-out time. This in turn results in the highest quality in component and tool construction and maximum production reliability. In addition, machine standstills and the percentage of rejects is considerably lowered.

Based on practical industrial experience and extensive skills in metal forming, AutoForm offers SSEB engineers a completely integrated system with high-quality functionalities for analyses, estimates and optimization in every stage of the process.

SSEB and AutoForm: extensive experience and a huge material know-how

SSEB engineers are very experienced with AutoForm engineering and can deploy AutoForm to simulate the process of sheet metal forming of any random tool. Especially in the case of deep-drawing tools, simulation using AutoForm offers significant advantages.

SSEB customers benefit from concepts and experiences from earlier simulation projects and from earlier stages. This is how SSEB built its huge material know-how. The results of sheet metal forming simulations are stored in AutoForm and can be used directly and simply in a next stage. The customer thus benefits from the advantages of simulation engineering:
– cost and time savings
– quality optimization
– maximizing efficiency and productivity.

SSEB engineers also carry out feasibility studies using AutoForm. In an early stage, SSEB can indicate where critical areas might occur and propose improvements, saving much time and materials.

When a product is makeable, according to the simulation, SSEB can also take on the complete method planning.

AutoForm simulations? For whom?

SSEB carries out AutoForm engineering for both small and large, complete projects with integrated multi-module systems. SSEB engineers enjoy simulating with AutoForm, as it gives very accurate outcomes and requires only short calculation times. Moreover, AutoForm is user-friendly, reliable and practical. With AutoForm simulations SSEB engineers can save time and money.

SSEB engineers use AutoForm simulations for:
– product development
– feasibility studies
– method planning
– tooling
– try-out

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