From engineering to production, to assembly and more: SSEB

Systems, complete (specialty) machines, tooling, equipment, clamping fixtures, welding fixtures, control boxes and other, very specific products, can be assembled in SSEB’s production hall. Accurately and efficiently. The same goes for the technical assembly of e.g. electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts. Assembly is a one of SSEB’s core activities.

From A to Z, all in one hand, turnkey

SSEB’s goal is to unburden its customers, from idea, up to and including the final product, offering complete a service. Custom-made and flexibly, customers can benefit from the broad expertise of SSEB.  In the past years, we have noticed and increased demand for overall unburdening. SSEB is set up to offer a turnkey approach, interesting for customers because of its economic soundness.

Customers ask us to think along, develop, engineer, automate, manufacture, assemble and install. Overall project management, purchasing parts and inspections are also part of SSEB’s turnkey approach.

Storage semi-finished products – parts

Pats required for assembly can be purchased and stored at SSEB, as we have ample storage capacity.

Test stage and transport

Professional assembly also involves checking, testing and – in an early stage – thinking about smart ways of transportation.

To be able to start fast and without problems at your location, everything is constructed – as much as possible – and thoroughly tested beforehand, in our own production hall. Your product must meet the requirements with regard to functionality, quality, speed, performance and costs. If applicable and desired, SSEB engineers can also mount your products on the work floor. Validation and installation is done by SSEB engineers. Your staff will receive the necessary instruction and SSEB is always available for maintenance or in case of a standstill.

Of course, we take later transport into account in development and production. Large machines and equipment are assembled in parts to facilitate worldwide transportation. We also free our customers of the burden of this logistical process.

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