Tooling engineering

SSEB’s specialty

Progressive die follow, cutting and bending tools, transfer tools, deep-drawing tools and forming tools. Engineering these tools is SSEB’s specialty. Our experience and expertise in this field is unprecedented, no wonder that many toolshops and OEMs are loyal customers of SSEB.

SSEB engineers deploy their expertise within various sectors. Each day, they work on projects for the:

– automotive industry
– aerospace industry
– energy industry
– packaging industry
– agricultural sector
– machine construction sector
– metal processing industry

Toolshops are also an important sector. These toolshops regard SSEB as their engineering department, or they outsource tooling engineering to SSEB in case of undercapacity.

At SSEB, tooling engineering means engineering, automation and IT of tooling, from design, up to and including production origination. But you can also outsource the entire project management to SSEB. Each expertise in the field of tooling engineering can be commissioned from SSEB exactly the way you want. SSEB is known for its flexibility.

Tooling engineering: smart, pragmatic and result-oriented

SSEB engineers are informed of the latest technology developments and have at their disposal up-to-date theoretical know-how. They work with state-of-the-art 3D CAD software such as CatiaSiemens NX (including the module Progressive Die Design), Siemens PLMAutoForm and EPLAN. Their know-how of these programs is of a very high level. Know-how alone, however, is insufficient. Thanks to their experience and practical knowledge, SSEB engineers know how to interpret the results of research and calculations.

SSEB engineers also use the programs to expand their unique material know-how and to secure all settings, standards, requirements and results from research and calculations for customers. This data is transparent and accessible to customers, who can follow the development process online. Customers regard this customer know-how, that is used to efficiently tackle further projects, as a big advantage. For SSEB it is a great core value: the smartest solutions thanks to extreme know-how of the customer.

At SSEB we value short lines, personal contact and knowledge of the daily practice. It enables us to work pragmatically and result-oriented. You are always in direct contact with an SSEB engineer. Moreover, our engineers are not just sitting at their drawing table. They can also regularly be found on the work floor. SSEB engineers work closely together with your staff and are often part of multidisciplinary teams.

Tooling engineering starts with an idea

To save costs and time later on in the process and to come to a good result fast and effectively, SSEB is usually called in during the idea stage of a project. SSEB engineers listen well and are capable, as no other, to indicate if and how manufacturing products is feasible. They quickly know where technical problems might occur and can indicate how to solve these. We thus prevent that technical problems in the concept stage hinder a project later on.

SSEB engineers often pro-actively introduce ideas for yield improvement, better products or tooling to regular customers where SSEB continuously works on the improvement of products, processes, tooling or machines.

For which tools does SSEB tooling engineering?

SSEB specializes in the following tools. Click on the link for more information.

– Progressive die (follow, cutting and bending tools)
– Transfer tools
– Deep-drawing tools
– Molding tools

Production and maintenance of tooling

When SSEB is asked to also take on production and maintenance of the tooling, SSEB Systems is called in. SSEB Systems finds the most suited partner from its network to manufacture the tooling. SSEB engineers keep control and responsibility. This allows SSEB to unburden the customer, from design stage, up to and including the production of tooling, turnkey.

Want to outsource tooling engineering to SSEB?

Are you looking for an experienced and skilled partner in the field of tooling engineering? Then come and meet our engineers. They will convince you of SSEB’s vast expertise in this field. Please contact us for an appointment, free of obligations!

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