Industrial automation

In the production and process industry, automation ensures efficiency and effectivity. This is important, for working on a strong competitive position at a time where technical staff is scarce is impossible without automation. In large and small production companies, the productivity of processes only increases.

Automation can result in huge cost savings and offers other advantages as well. It can increase the speed with which production processes are changed over, allowing changes in the market to be anticipated on quickly. This is important at a time when time-to-market can mean the difference between success or failure.

New production process or improving existing processes?

SSEB engineers work on large and small automation projects for small and large industrial companies in various sectors. For instance, on automation and control systems for new production processes, or on adapting and improving existing production processes.

SSEB engineers are completely at home in process automationPLC programming (Programmable Logic Controllers) and Process Control Systems (PXS/DCS). They have up-to-date theoretical know-how, use state-of-the-art software and have experience with the daily practice of various sectors.

SSEB engineers are result-oriented; there are direct lines between you and our engineers, and we can regularly be found on our customers’ work floor.

Working flexibly and the way you want on automation and control systems

Depending on your requirements SSEB will put together a team. In industrial automation, SSEB can help from A to Z. From concept, project management, engineering, up to and including installation, mounting and service.

SSEB likes to work on the comprehensive integration of all control and automation systems, PLC and other applications. This includes linking other processes such as stock control and administration. This overall integration allows you to always have an actual insight and, if necessary, to put things straight.

Well-known with your process

SSEB is known for its unique know-how of its customers’ processes. Our engineers know the company and production processes that are specific for a sector, and conduct thorough preliminary research to get to know customer-specific company and production processes. SSEB know the environmental requirements, branch-specific requirements and the challenges your company faces. It is not just an added value of SSEB; The vast customer know-how and customer involvement is taught to all SSEB engineers. An important way to realize this added value is the direct line between customer and engineer. And it includes clear communicating your goals.

Automation by SSEB engineers?

Would you like more information on our way of working? Or do you want to know more about our experience in specific sectors or in specific projects? Our engineers will be happy to make an appointment with you, free of obligations. Please contact us!

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