Engineering software

SSEB engineers work with state-of-the-art 3D CAD software such as CatiaSiemens NX (including the Progressive Die Design module), Siemens PLM, CodeSysAutoForm and EPLAN. SSEB owns the required licenses and all our engineers keep their theoretical knowledge of these programs up-to-date.

For many of our customers, working with the above software is a must. The know-how and experience with this software is a great added value of SSEB. SSEB engineers often cooperate in multidisciplinary teams and in systems.

Of course, all information is protected per project, and treated as very confidential. The experience and know-how gained for customers is safely secured in the engineering software used. Both the customer and SSEB can use this know-how in subsequent projects, allowing them to work increasingly faster and more efficiently.

At SSEB we know that know-how of these programs alone is insufficient. Experience and practical know-how ensure that SSEB engineers can interpret the results of research and calculations correctly, allowing them to arrive at smarter solutions.

In the engineering software, SSEB also secures the unique material know-how of SSEB, built in the past 20 years.

Engineering assignment?

Invite SSEB before you start. The SSEB engineers like to think along with you during the idea stage. Together, we can thus derive smarter solutions fast. SSEB believes in short lines and a personal, result-oriented approach. That is why you always talk directly to the engineer at SSEB. He also likes to stop by for a meeting, free of obligations. Please call or mail us!

Interested in a cooperation?

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