Digital Twin

Digital Twin contributes to faster and more efficient mechanical engineering

SSEB engineers use, amongst others, Siemens MCD software. This software aids our engineers in creating a ‘Digital Twin’ – a virtual representation of e.g. a machine process – and is integrated in our NX.

Digital Twin allows quality control management from the first concept up to and including the detailed design of the machine. It is actually the virtual commissioning of the machine; a simulation of the machine’s operation.

Do not confuse a Digital Twin with a 3D-design or simulation; Digital Twin goes way beyond that. It is a virtual model that in all regards is exchangeable with actual products and processes, offering many advantages:

Real-time testing of the PLC program
During programming, the PLC programmer can immediately see what each programmed action means to the machine. He can use this to check whether the PLC program is correct. As a result, the programmer can more easily and faster discover opportunities for process optimization. The same goes for possible errors in the PLC program: they immediately become visible in the virtual representation and may be corrected right away.

Verifying error handling
It is possible to simulate errors in the machine. Using this, you can check whether the error is handled correctly. This, in turn facilitates, the easy set-up of machine operator instructions.

Operator training
Machine operators can be trained with the help of Digital Twin.
All the above advantages ensure that less or no adjustments are required during the actual commissioning of the machine, as the machine has been completely virtually tested. This may save up to 30% in time.

Existing machines
Digital Twin is often used in the development of new machines, but also offers advantages for existing machines. It may be used for process optimization and maintenance of existing machines.

Summarized the Digital Twin offers the following advantages:

– Design errors become visible at an early stage and can be solved immediately;
– The PLC program can be tested real-time;
– This results in no or only small adjustments of the machine at the time of commissioning, as the machine has been completely virtually tested. This may save up to 30% in time;
– With existing machines, a Digital Twin may be deployed for process optimization and maintenance.

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