Feasibility study

SSEB: excelling in feasibility studies using AutoForm

Feasibility studies using AutoForm: at SSEB we dare say that, thanks to our extensive material know-how, gathered over many years, we are unique in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Our customers acknowledge this every day and we experience it on the work floor.

SSEB engineers offer everything to be of service when it comes to feasibility studies:
– up-to-date theoretical knowledge
– creativity
– experience
– knowledge of the latest technological innovations
– the best software (AutoForm)
– practical experience

With these ingredients, we can make the difference in feasibility studies or – as they are also called – feasibility analyses.

SSEB carries out feasibility studies for tool makers and OEMs in various sectors, as a specialist service, or as part of an overall service from feasibility analyses, method planning and project management, up to and including turnkey delivery.

For whom does SSEB carry out feasibility analyses using AutoForm?

SSEB’s expertise in the field of feasibility studies using AutoForm is much appreciated by companies involved in metal forming. Tool makers and the automotive industry in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have for many years been a substantial part of our customer circle for this specific SSEB service.

SSEB has extensive experience deforming high-strength steel, as used in the automotive industry, e.g. S500MC, DP800 and Trip1000.

Increasingly, the aerospace industry asks SSEB to also carry out feasibility studies. The same goes for the energy, household goods and sheet processing sectors. Within these sectors, SSEB’s combination of material know-how and AutoForm is much appreciated.

Important is that SSEB engineers can often be found on the customer’s work floor. The practical experience gained here contributes to their ability to work pragmatically and result-oriented, also when they are at their computers.

Why let SSEB carry out a feasibility study?

Using simulations and feasibility studies or analyses you can discover whether your product might get weak in certain points or possibly will start to tear. It goes without saying that the quality of simulations and feasibility studies determines the further progress, preventing costly problems during the manufacturing process, and the ultimate quality of the product.

And, do you realize that innovations, product improvement and yield improvement is often the result of a feasibility study, in which the optimal solution was discovered in a solution-neutral way?

Avoiding costly and time-consuming problems during the manufacturing process alone is reason enough to put the extensive experience and know-how of SSEB to work! Will you allow us, in a personal meeting, to demonstrate why we think we are the best by far? Please contact us for an appointment!

Interested in a cooperation?

Please contact us via phone 0031 485 361 025 or mail us at info@sseb.eu.