The state-of-the-art 3D CAD program

Catia is thé 3D CAD program for designing constructions. Thanks to the integration of conceptualization, design, construction, up to and including function-analysis, Catia saves time and money.

The Catia software is globally used to design cars, airplanes and ships. For many SSEB customers in e.g. the automotive, aerospace and offshore sectors, working with Catia is a must. This applies to both manufacturers and OEMs.

SSEB Catia engineers use Catia in various fields, for instance in engineering tooling for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Vast know-how of and experience with Catia V5 engineering

SSEB Catia engineers have up-to-date theoretical knowledge and much experience in working with Catia in varying projects in various sectors. SSEB Catia engineers are always in touch with the daily practice. They use their practical know-how in designing and ensure that all experiences and results are incorporated in the SSEB system. Our Catia engineers can also draw on the unique material know-how of SSEB.

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