Process optimization

Optimization production process

Each day, our customers think about how best to produce at the lowest possible cost. Yield improvement is a major topic that requires continuous attention in order to remain competitive. SSEB can help companies optimize machine processes as well as entire production and packaging lines.

SSEB engineers enjoy working together with your staff and help by analyzing the production and assembly process, carrying out feasibility studies and optimize – wherever possible – the production and assembly process. As SSEB engineers often also take on the implementation of the recommended optimizations, they know all the details. SSEB engineers understand your customers’ wishes and requirements regarding your products, and keep a sharp eye on your company’s quality standards.


State-of-the-art software for process optimization

In the case of process optimization, SSEB engineers work with state-of-the-art software. SSEB engineers not only have up-to-date theoretical know-how of the software systems CatiaSiemens NXSiemens PLM, AutoForm and EPLAN, thanks to their many years of experience they know, as no other, how to interpret the results of simulations, feasibility analysesFEM analyses and method planning. Moreover, in the past 20 years SSEB had built a unique and extensive know-how of materials.

Process optimization generates fast ROI

Experience teaches us that our customers quickly recover cost of production process optimization. In other words: your ROI (return on investment) is achieved fast. Our process optimization often results in sustainable improvements and more profits or a higher yield.  Optimization of the production process may include:
– reducing the number of steps or stages in the production process
– increasing production capacity
– improvements regarding working efficiency
– reducing stocks of raw material and final products
– improving product quality
– reducing unnecessary steps or transport movements
– reducing waste

Support in production process optimization

Experienced SSEB engineers work on targeted improvements. Our engineers are pragmatic and goal-oriented, informed of the latest developments in technology, and they will work together with your staff to improve the production process. Lead times and converting times are reduced and the efficiency increased.

SSEB engineers also like to be of help in complex issues and support for Lean Six Sigma projects within your organization. Moreover, they are used to working in multidisciplinary teams. As information on the work and progress feedback are essential for the success of your production process optimization and meeting the deadlines, all people involved can follow the project progress online. We value good communication and short lines.


Engineering and technical implementation

For SSEB, production process optimization is not just analyses and reporting of findings and advice. SSEB can also realize its proposals and implement the indicated yield improvements. This is what SSEB engineers and machine builders are all about!

Expertise that can be better and/or more cost-efficiently executed by third parties, are sourced out to the trusted and renowned partners in our network. Of course, this is always done in consultation with you and under our direction.

Customized production process optimization

SSEB engineers like to add value or help out where you lack capacity. Our production process optimization service is always tailor-made.

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