Production by SSEB Systems

When you want to keep the production of tools, machines or specific products in one hand.

SSEB customers often ask whether SSEB, following development and engineering, can also take on the production of tools, machines or other, specific products. To unburden our customers, SSEB set up SSEB Systems for production and construction work.

SSEB Systems produces:
– Simple manual input tools, up to and including very complicated progressive die tooling e.g.:
o Follow tools
o Cutting tools
o Bending tools
o Transfer tools
o Deep-drawing tools
o Forming tools
– Machines and equipment, in particular specialty machines and additions to standard machines
– Control boxes
– Clamping fixtures
– Inspection fixtures
– Welding fixtures
– Specific products (from bicycle locks to tea pots)

Following production, SSEB Systems will also take on installation, instructions and maintenance, if so desired.

In-house production and cooperation with partners

SSEB Systems has its own production hall for assembly, but also often cooperates with partners. Quality, reliability, experience and price are the main focal points for SSEB Systems when it comes to selecting a partner. SSEB Systems has an extensive network of renowned partners. We know our partners well, and many of them are also customer at SSEB for development and engineering. SSEB Systems works efficiently and flexibly together with these partners.

For every specific order, SSEB Systems finds the most suited partner in its network. Of course, this is done in close consultation with the customer. SSEB engineers keep control of and responsibility for the entire project. SSEB developed its own Project Management System, to ensure a successful cooperation and the most efficient realization of each project. This system controls the information management with regard to the entire project.

SSEB Systems: the way you want and in a flexible manner

Whether SSEB receives a turnkey order of an engineering order often depends on the type of company. OEMs, for instance, like to work with companies who take on the overall responsibility and project management, from A to Z. To SSEB and SSEB Systems it doesn’t matter. We work the way you want and in a flexible manner, just to meet your specific requirements.

Want to know more about the production options at SSEB Systems and its partners?

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