Siemens NX

Smarter solutions with Siemens NX

When SSEB engineers are asked to work on the development of innovative new products, they prefer using the advanced design tools of Siemens NX. SSEB engineers have up-to-date theoretical know-how of Siemens NX and a vast experience in designing with Siemens NX.

Siemens NX offers the highest level of integration between all disciplines in an open cooperative environment. Thanks to Siemens NX and its state-of-the-art design tools and design technology, the product development process is streamlined and accelerated.

Siemens NX: fast, flexible and efficient product design

Siemens NX is superior in strength, versatility and productivity, allowing SSEB Siemens NX engineers to execute all design tasks faster and more efficiently. From 2D layout to 3d modelling, assembly design, drawing and documenting.

Moreover, SSEB Siemens NX engineers can smoothly import, use and adapt data and models from other CAD systems, thanks to Siemens NX’ synchronous technology.

With Siemens NX visual reporting and analyses our engineers can collect process and product information and visualize its influence within the context of 3D design. This visual synthesis of PLM data speeds up the design process and makes taking decisions easier.

Complex products? Siemens NX!

The Siemens NX tools for assembly design offer so much strength and capacity that they can be used for the most complex assemblies, even those consisting of thousands of parts. SSEB engineers can make complete Multi-CAD mockups using Siemens NX, allowing them to quickly identify and solve problems.

Product design validation in Siemens NX

Siemens NX offers integrated, automated options for product design validation. This makes it easier to produce designs that meet your requirements. Our engineers can continuously monitor your designs to see if they meet your company’s standards and those of your sector.

Securing know-how

SSEB engineers can store all design and process data in Siemens NX. Securing this know-how allows us to improve productivity and lower costs in subsequent projects.

Product design in Siemens NX?

SSEB engineers would like to help you in developing innovative new products. Using Siemens NX, we can make a design and do much more. Are you interested in getting to know SSEB? Or would you like to meet with one of our SSEB engineers? Please contact us!

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