SSEB engineers support in production process development

SSEB engineers often become involved in the customer’s idea stage as part of a multidisciplinary team. The customer has a wish or idea, for instance for a new product, part, tool, specialty machine or functionality. SSEB engineers love to work on such innovations. In a very flexible manner: in part or during the overall project, specialized or multidisciplinary.

As no other, SSEB is capable of translating the customer request into a technical challenge, gaining a thorough insight, and developing an innovative solution. To do so, SSEB engineers are up-to-date regarding the latest technology and they have extensive experience. SSEB engineers are close to real practice, and can regularly be found on the customer’s work floor.

Software systems

SSEB engineers work with systems that incorporate over 20 years of material know-how. For simulations, feasibility studies, FEM analyses and  method planning, SSEB uses state-of-the-art systems such as:
– AutoForm
– Catia
– Siemens NX
– Siemens PLM

SSEB can serve its customers from development, up to and including validation and turnkey delivery, in part thanks to these systems.

Close cooperation

SSEB can manage the overall development process, or take an active part in it. In development, SSEB works closely together with the customer and with product suppliers. This way, we can make optimal use of the know-how of all parties involved.

As the success of a new product or functionality is determined by the user, SSEB propagates to regularly consult with the end user, starting in the development stage. This way, new innovation better meets the needs of the end user and enables both customer and SSEB to aim for a true success.

Why involve SSEB engineers in the development process?

SSEB can give many examples where calculations early on in the development process have saved companies both costs and time. Or where smart solutions resulted in a higher yield and a better product. Our customers can confirm this.

We would be happy to give you examples and references of development projects during a consultation. Please call or mail us fora n appointment.

Interested in a cooperation?

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