Product engineering

Smart Solutions

Improved designs, improved materials, the best quality, more user-friendly, the latest technology … these are all requirements from product users. You must continuously innovate, re-engineer processes and optimize to meet these requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

SSEB can support you in this. Smart products, smart solutions, that’s what we are good at. That is why we are called SSEB, Smart Solution Engineering Boxmeer! You use the know-how and experience of our engineers, as well as their branch-specific expertise.

By involving SSEB engineers in the idea stage of your project, technical problems and challenges are quickly discovered. This saves time and costs further on in the project, and effectively results in a better solution. SSEB engineers don’t remain at the drawing table; they can regularly be found on our customers’ work floor and they know the daily practice in various sectors.

What does product engineering at SSEB mean?

At SSEB, product engineering consists of concept development, design, prototyping, analyses and calculating how the product can best be made from a technical point of view, up to and including the final, detailed product designs and the manufacturing process. A multidisciplinary trajectory integrating engineering, automation and IT.

Product engineering means your product must be more than just attractive to the user. You also want to market a product with an attractive yield. SSEB engineers think along with you. They look at the costs, feasibility, quality, performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, life cycle and user functionality.

Custom-made product engineering

SSEB offers custom work. You choose the specific expertise, or we take care of the entire process, from design, up to and including the turnkey delivery of products. We’d like to help, wherever we can add value.

From product engineering to production

After engineering and origination, when manufacturing becomes actual, SSEB Systems comes into play. At SSEB Systems products are realized. SSEB Systems has its own production facilities, plus a very reliable network of partners with specific expertise.

For whom?

SSEB customers vary from large to small, from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to suppliers of e.g. tooling or parts. SSEB likes to work on long-standing relationships with customers. The state-of-the-art 3D CAD engineering software, used by SSEB engineers, incorporates all material know-how, built in over 20 years, all customer experiences, all results and all customer-specific matters. You benefit from the unique material know-how of SSEB en from the efficiency it offers in further projects.

SSEB considers its customer knowledge an important added value. Very consciously, we work on the continuous improvement of securing and using this customer know-how in further assignments. Our far-reaching, transparent automation is a good example.

Outsourcing product engineering to SSEB?

Finding a good and reliable partner to whom you can outsource product engineering if you don’t have the required know-how or capacity can be troublesome. You want a partner who knows your branch, has the know-how, and is pragmatic and result-oriented. If these are your requirements, we would like to invite you to make an appointment with our SSEB engineers for a meeting, free of obligations. Please contact us!

Interested in a cooperation?

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