Specialty machine construction – equipment construction

Specialty machines: from idea, up to and including construction

SSEB develops, builds and maintains specialty machines for a large diversity of sectors. Specialty machine construction, from fine-mechanical installations requiring accurate designing on the square millimeter, to large, heavy machines.

SSEB has the know-how, creativity and experience to support innovations, product development and process optimization from the various areas of expertise mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, automation, drive technology and robotics.

The daily work of our engineers includes:

– Designing dynamic and fine-mechanical (parts of) constructions
– Acceptance and Inspection
– Basic and detailed engineering using 3D CAD PLM software Siemens NX
– Feasibility studies
– Analysis of / recommendations for various production environments
– Dynamic and static analyses, linear and non-linear analyses
– Logistic analyses, movement behavior and possible disruptions
– Determining production layout
– Designing grippers for product handling and robotic systems
– 3D design. Simulation and stress analysis
– Mechanical en control concept development
– Risk analyses
– CE assessments
– Fatigue and stability calculations
– Damage studies
– Testing
– … and more

In-house engineering machine construction

Manufacturing companies involve SSEB engineers early on in the designing process to develop new (specialty) machines or equip existing machines with extra functionalities. Engineering specialty machines and the equipment that is built and maintained by SSEB, is always done by our own team of SSEB engineers, see machine engineering. Thanks to this approach, SSEB realizes specialty machines and equipment that meets your requirements with regard to performance, quality and price. In addition to engineering, SSEB engineers also take on the complete automation. SSEB engineers often use state-of-the-art 3D CAD software such as CatiaSiemens NX (including the Progressive Die Design module), Siemens PLMAutoForm and CoDeSys.

Specialty machine construction and equipment construction: smart solutions

By involving SSEB engineers in an early stage, they get the opportunity to share know-how and experience and exchange ideas with you and your team. Our engineers are known for their ability to identify with your specific challenges. Their huge know-how of the customer and involvement allow them to develop smart solutions that perfectly meet your requirements, the current standards, and yield a high return on investment.

Preliminary research in machine construction and equipment construction

SSEB always engages in preliminary research preceding machine construction and equipment construction. This enables us to generate a good offer for machine construction or equipment construction. SSEB knows from experience that professional preliminary research can save all parties involved much money and time. Using state-of-the-art software, we conduct feasibility studies and calculations. Read more on this on the page Preliminary research machine construction.

Turnkey construction of your specialty machine or equipment

Building specialty machines, new machines, adaptations to existing machines and linking machines are activities of SSEB Systems, the other branch of SSEB. Specialty machine construction is done in-house at SSEB, possibly supported by very reliable partners in many fields.

The SSEB engineers who developed your machine or equipment remain involved, also during the construction stage. They drive this process and work in it. Our engineers and machine builders are in direct contact with you and your team; they work together with your team on the work floor. In every stage of the process you will know exactly where you stand. At SSEB, we feel that short lines and know-how of your practical situation is essential to be able to work for you, pragmatically and result-oriented.

As soon as your specialty machine is ready, SSEB will take care of transport, installation and commissioning.

Safety instructions

Of course, SSEB only builds specialty machines that meet all legal requirements. Your staff can work safely with the machines or the equipment. If so required, SSEB engineers will instruct on the work floor.

Maintenance and service of your machines and equipment

Once specialty machines or equipment are built, SSEB remains involved. You can count on SSEB for maintenance and service. SSEB continues to pro-actively think along and work on a fruitful and long cooperation. We are and remain your flexible partner in custom work.

Specialty machine construction or equipment construction by SSEB?

Looking for smarter custom-made solutions for your production process? Let an experienced SSEB engineer think along with you. We would like to help you with custom-made solutions for parts, or take over the entire project, turnkey. Please contact us for an appointment, free of obligations!

Interested in a cooperation?

Please contact us via phone 0031 485 361 025 or mail us at info@sseb.eu.