About SSEB

SSEB engineering: up-to-date technical know-how, extensive experience and thinking along like no-one else does

These are the core values of SSEB that bring in many new SSEB customers. Core values that SSEB engineers can only live up to when they have a thorough knowledge of the sectors they work in, by keeping their expertise up-to-date, through an in-depth knowledge of their customers, with state-of-the-art software and by devising smart solutions.



Smart Solutions Engineering Boxmeer

SSEB is an engineering firm where a team of experienced engineers develops, optimizes, simulates, analyzes, calculates, check, draws and automates. They work for various sectors and on varying products. Customers in Germany and the Netherlands call in SSEB for parts of a project or for the entire project management.

SSEB has the know-how, creativity and experience to offer support with innovations, product development and process optimization from the various areas of expertise mechanical engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics, automation, drive technology and robotics.


If so desired, SSEB Systems, the other branch of SSEB, will take on the turn-key realization of products, progressive tools, tooling, machines and equipment. This is partly done in-house, but for production SSEB Systems has for many years worked closely together with reliable and stable partners. These partners are selected based on their expertise within specific sectors.

The SSEB team

The human scale

At SSEB, a fixed, close-knit team of experienced and well-educated engineers has been working together since 2010 on projects in various sectors.

The contacts for customers are SSEB engineers Frank Hubers, Marcel Franssen and Michel Stroher.

The human scale is our most important core value. We emphasize it in our operational management. Our customers experience it through:

– direct contact with the engineer

– involvement and know-how of your products and goals

– visits to your shop floor and practical knowledge


About SSEB


In 2010, after 20 years of experience in engineering and producing progressive tools/tooling for the automotive industry, engineer Frank Hubers started his own engineering firm, Smart Solutions Engineering Boxmeer. Very soon, SSEB Systems was set up to cater to customers that wished to source-out production as well.


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