Product development

SSEB engineers support product development

SSEB develops products in the broadest sense of the word, for companies in various sectors. SSEB offers overall product development services, from idea, up to and including the turnkey delivery of the product. SSEB offers customized work. You indicate which SSEB expertise you want to deploy, in which way and for what activities.

Cooperation with R&D departments

SSEB regularly works with R&D departments on new products or on the further development of existing products. New products could be final products, parts, progressive die tooling or the machines that make the final products.

SSEB’s very experienced team of engineers cooperates in developing innovative solutions. Their up-to-date know-how of engineering, production technology and materials is deployed. In addition, the practical knowledge of SSEB engineers also plays a role in success. SSEB engineers can not only be found at a desk; they can often be found on the customer’s work floor as well.

The ultimate success of product development is determined, according to SSEB, by the close cooperation between your staff and our engineers. Sharing know-how between customer, product suppliers and SSEB, with the final customer as a sounding board, certainly contributes to this success.

Software for product development

In product development, SSEB uses the latest software from, amongst others, CatiaSiemens NX (including the Progressive Die Design module), Siemens PLM and AutoForm. Simulations, strength calculations, FEM analyses and feasibility studies are carried out. We also look at cost and weight optimization, lifetime and design. Risks are analyzed, specifications drafted and a method plan developed.

Customized product development from idea, up to and including realization

SSEB can support customers, from idea, up to and including the realization of a product. We not only deploy our engineering capabilities. We also deploy our capabilities in the fields of:
– Concept development
– Research
– Analyses
– Prototyping
– Production

The work is done in-house or in close cooperation with our partners, who have been introduced right at the beginning of the product development process and are included in the multidisciplinary team.

Repetitive design processes

For several regular customers of SSEB developing a new product is a repetitive process for which the design method and lead times have been determined in advance. Fixed measuring points ensure that the lead times are realized. These certainties are necessary to ensure market introduction. Uncertainties regarding feasibility and costs are undesirable. A thorough concept development preceding the design limits these risks to a minimum.


To create acceptance and enthusiasm, SSEB often makes a prototype or a small series of the product. 3D-printed from plastic or metal. The prototype offers the customer a clear picture of the product.

This concrete product helps the customer or SSEB to give the final user a realistic expectance, test his reaction and validate the product. SSEB feels that every product development should focus on user validation; it is the number one condition for success. If so desired, prototypes can be made very quickly in SSEB’s own 3D-printing department, in metal or plastic.


When a product is take into production, following the development stage, SSEB can possibly be of further help. Production takes part in-house or at reliable partners, companies with whom SSEB has had many years of experience. This way, SSEB can offer its customers overall solutions, from development, up to and including production.

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