Method planning

The term ‘Method plan’ comes from the automotive sector, but SSEB uses the term in all other sectors where SSEB engineers are active.

A method plan is the accurate description of the concrete implementation of a manufacturing process. Method planning is all about product form and product material on the one hand, and tooling and machines on the other hand. We investigate the processes required to make the product.

Daily work

For SSEB engineers, method planning is daily work. For a very long time they have been using AutoForm, the system with which SSEB carries out simulations, and feasibility studies or feasibility analyses. SSEB engineers use the method plan to record:
– product material
– processing steps
– blank form
– tooling
– presses to be used and their settings

SSEB engineers also use the method plan to record experience data from the manufacturing process. Changes in the manufacturing process are tracked to keep the method plan up-to-date.

SSEB engineers: excellence in method planning

In method planning, SSEB’s extensive material know-how, gathered over many years and incorporated in its AutoForm system, also comes in handy. It also contributes to a large extent to the quality of SSEB’s method planning. The more know-how of materials is available, the better an engineer is capable of making an optimal method plan.

According to customers, SSEB excels in method planning. The engineers work on a manufacturing process that guarantees a good product with the highest possible yield. With their method plan, SSEB engineers thus realize:
– less breakdowns
– less waste
– fewer steps
– more efficient ways of working
– a higher yield for the customer

Let SSEB make a method plan for you!

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