Concept development

Concept development for new products, machines, functionalities, materials and/or manufacturing processes

Customers expect from SSEB technical insight, creativity and know-how of the latest technological opportunities to develop innovative solutions for new products, functionalities, materials and manufacturing processes.

The concept development stage aims to answer questions regarding:
– Expected costs of the product
– Reactions from the market
– Market acceptation (validation)
– Design framework
– Design time
– Design costs

In cooperation with the customer, important decisions with regard to the products to be developed are taken during the concept stage. They include:
– What are the goals?
– What are the technical and legal requirements?
– What are the material characteristics?
– Which production methods are available? Do these suffice, should they be adapted or do we have to develop new methods?
– How do we ensure good cost control?

User validation

SSEB guarantees pragmatic ways of working during the concept development stage, with the interest of the end user as a first priority. This focus enables us to always keep an overview, even when all details are aimed at the end user’s interest. Thus, important decisions get the attention they deserve, while useless discussions concerning unimportant details are prevented.

Of course, the strong focus on user validation is paired with recurrent – as often as possible – verification of whether that what is being developed, meets the wishes and requirements of end users.


To allow customers to discuss an innovation with the future end user, SSEB often makes a prototype. SSEB has at its disposal a 3D Metal Printing department where prototypes can also be made in plastic.
A prototype offers the customer and end user a clear and concrete picture. At the same time, it can prevent miscommunication and false expectations. A good prototype can create support and enthusiasm.

Can SSEB help you in concept development?

SSEB works in flexible ways. You can spar with us, or we’ll make extensive analyses, simulations or calculations. Are you interested in finding out how SSEB can add value? We will be happy to discuss this in a meeting, free of obligations. Please call us or fill out the contact form on this site.

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