Controller Development System for industrial automation technology

CoDeSys is the leading hardware-independent automation software for the development and engineering of controller applications according to the national standard IEC 61131-3.

SSEB engineers use CoDeSys to successfully program simple and advanced applications for industrial controllers. This includes applications that are used in many sectors worldwide. In factories, for (mobile) machines, for automated energy systems and many other areas.

CoDeSys is a complete IEC 61131-3 programming system, from classical PLC-programming to object-oriented controller programming. The system offers extensive options for project engineering and the commissioning of automation applications, such as data monitoring, debugging, and online change.

SSEB engineers also deploy various different modules within CoDeSys for methodical application development, including UML, version management, static code analysis, profiling and test automation.

SSEB engineers use CoDeSys to control configuration and commissioning of the main fieldbus systems or manufacturer-dependent I/O systems.

SSEB takes care of the seamless integration of optional add-on components for project engineering, such as visualization, motion control / CNC / robotics and safety modules.


To achieve the required SIL level, a risk analysis is required, after which all system components must meet this level. Certified software components within CoDeSys make it easier to obtain SIL2 or SIL3 certification. The CoDeSys safety module consists of components within the programming system and the runtime system, that completely integrate project planning within the IEC 61131-3 programming environment.

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