Preliminary research specialty machine construction

Solid preliminary research: standard at SSEB

You want a machine that perfectly meets your wishes and requirements, the best solution at the lowest possible cost. For that reason, we value solid preliminary research when it comes to specialty machine construction of adapting standard machines.

Preliminary research specialty machine construction: much more than a general advice

SSEB engineers think twice. The market values the unique quality of SSEB’s preliminary research, which makes us proud. SSEB machine engineers are known for their expertise and practical experience. They can regularly be found on the customers’ work floor. To do so is SSEB’s policy. Smart solutions for specialty machines are developed thanks to a mix of theoretical know-how, experience and expertise of the customers’ daily practice.

SSEB engineers like to sound work and efficiency. At SSEB, preliminary research is not just an advice. We highly value preliminary research. After all, the soundness and quality of preliminary research determines the final result to a great extent. Thanks to preliminary research, technical impossibilities or problems can be discovered at an early stage, saving much time and money later on.

During preliminary research, we discuss the current machines, the desired outcome, previous experiences and more with you and your staff. We devise and study various options and talk them through with you. We also conduct feasibility studies and calculations. Our SSEB machine engineers have at their disposal state-of-the-art 3D CAD software such as CatiaSiemens NX (including the Progressive Die Design module), Siemens PLM and AutoForm. For subsequent automation, SSEB uses CoDeSys, the leading, hardware-independent automation software for the development and engineering of controller applications according to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3.

Preliminary research machine construction, for a specialty machine or adaption of your current machine?

Talk to our engineers about your machines. We bet they can help with a smart solution. We’d like to think along with you. Call or mail us for an appointment, free of obligations!

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