Mechanical concept development

Extensive know-how and experience in various sectors

Mechanical concept development often revolves around machines, tooling, equipment, parts and installations with which the customer can manufacture a product. Mechanical concept development by SSEB means:

  1. Consultation, research and analysis of the customer’s wishes and requirements;
    2. Consultation, research and analysis of the product to be manufactured;
    3. Research and analysis of the technical challenges SSEB engineers face;
    4. Analysis of the current standard machines and options for further development or adaptations;
    5. Brainstorming, analyses and research of ways to apply new technology;
    6. Analysis of the requirements regarding production process speed;
    7. Analysis of the requirements regarding material use;
    8. Development aimed at sustainability. What is expected from the machine and what is the desired lifetime;
    9. Development aimed at reliability. Machines, equipment, parts and installations should be sound, to avoid malfunctioning during the production process. Standstills are costly;
    10. Development aimed at reducing costs. Production, assembly and maintenance cost should be kept as low as possible. These costs pertain to material procurement and the time for production, assembly and maintenance. This is why construction and production methods are tuned to another and why SSEB engineers always look for simple and uniform parts of superior quality.

State-of-the-art software

It goes without saying that during the entire mechanical concept developing stage SSEB engineers deploy state-of-the-art software programs for design, analyses, calculations, simulations etc. SSEB engineers work with CatiaSiemens NX (various modules including Siemens NX Progressive Die Design), Siemens PLM and AutoForm.

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