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AutoForm simulations for steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum

SSEB is unique in its extensive material know-how, gathered over many years and integrated in the AutoForm database. Ranging from steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum in general, specific materials such as Inconel and Hastelloy X, and also including the various products of manufacturers of these materials. Steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum products consist of varying compositions or alloys, each with their own, unique characteristics. SSEB built its know-how of and experience with those characteristics in over 20 years and thus established a unique added value.

At SSEB, the AutoForm simulationsfeasibility studies and method planning are not limited to the many types of steel, SSEB also has an enormous experience and material know-how of titanium en aluminum.

AutoForm simulations for titanium and aluminum

In the past years, it is the know-how of and experience with forming titanium and aluminum that drives new customers to SSEB. In simulating, feasibility analyses and method planning for titanium and aluminum in various sectors (e.g. automotive and aerospace), SSEB has by far the most know-how in the engineering branch in the Netherlands.

In principle, titanium and aluminum products can be formed from sheet using the same machines and tools as, for instance, steel. However, titanium and aluminum behave differently in various aspects.

Over many years, SSEB engineers have gained experience and know-how of the characteristics and applications of various titanium and aluminum series. They are aware of the different alloys and have often tested these on deformability and the required level of strength.

The main reason for companies to apply titanium or aluminum is the reduced weight and higher strength. Deformability, corrosion resistance and welding characteristics also play a role in choosing an alloy.

Can we share our material know-how with you?

SSEB engineers incorporate all material know-how, all experience from analyses, calculations, studies, simulations and more in the SSEB AutoForm system. We find it obvious to use this know-how on a daily basis in AutoForm projects, such as many types of simulations, strength calculations, feasibility analyses and method planning.

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