Control technology concept development

Smart, practical solutions

Companies aim for the highest yield from machines, tooling, equipment or installations. For customers in various sectors, SSEB engineers developed machines, progressive die tools, tooling, equipment and installations that:

– Run faster
– Produce cheaper
– Are more accurate
– Can be flexibly converted
– Show little stagnation

SSEB engineers also look if processes can be optimized; they love technical challenges and smart practical solutions.

Producing faster, cheaper and safer

In control technology concept development SSEB not only develops new machines, tooling, equipment or installations. SSEB also carefully looks at converting existing machines, tools, equipment, installations and supplements, as they do in mechanical concept development.

To stay ahead of the competition, companies must remain up-to-date in terms of technology, to be able to produce faster, cheaper and safer, in a flexible way, with little or no stagnation. This means they will increasingly have to automate.

Latest technology

SSEB engineers know the latest technology regarding automation, measuring and identification systems. They are comfortable with the complete automation of production lines, electrotechnology and control technology. In development, we use several software programs, such as Siemens NX, including the Progressive Die Design module, Siemens PLMCatia and AutoForm.

Deploying SSEB engineers for control technology concept development?

SSEB is specialist in control technology concept development, but is also deployed for development, up to and including construction, assembly, instruction and maintenance. SSEB likes short lines, you always have a direct link to the SSEB engineer. SSEB engineers are very flexible and like to work on projects where they can add value.

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