Process automation

Working more effectively – higher yield

The goal of process automation in manufacturing companies is to increase the effectiveness of company and production processes so as to increase the yield. If SSEB engineers do their job well, you will save (production) costs.

SSEB engineers automate processes for manufacturing companies in various sectors. Many customers regard SSEB as their set partner in process automation and are aware of SSEB’s other expertise, such as process engineering and machine construction. Involved SSEB engineers continuously look at the processes and indicate how best to further optimize them.

New technology, adaptations to machines, desired product changes, changing production volumes, changes in stocks … these are just a few reasons to review efficiency once again. We notice that processes increase in speed and accuracy. SSEB engineers appreciate being involved in automation projects from the first stage onwards. They can think along with your team to achieve at faster and smarter solutions.

From design, up to and including realization

SSEB is known for its flexibility and custom work. Our engineers regularly work in multidisciplinary teams, together with your own staff. But SSEB also has the expertise to carry out complete process automation, from idea, design, up to and including realization, maintenance and service. In turnkey projects, we might call in the help of reliable partners in our network for specific parts, depending on the project.

SSEB not only looks at the operation on the work floor or the safety process. Operator output is also essential to be able to monitor production reporting, system analyses, receipt control, archiving, alerting, maintenance etc.

Time is money

Every production process has various steps. The better these steps are tuned to one another, the less time is lost. Process automation also plays a role here. By using PLC-controlled machines and specific software, machines can communicate with each other.

Various process automation systems

Various process automation systems exist. Some of the well-known systems SSEB engineers regularly work with include:
– Distributed Control System (DCS)
– Process Control System (PCS)
– Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Want to increase your efficiency and yield?

SSEB engineers have extensive experience. They can give you many examples of improvements in efficiency and yield in production processes. Do you want our engineers to think along with you about your company and production processes? We would be happy wo make an appointment, free of obligations. Please call or mail us!

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