PLC programming

An important expertise at SSEB!

SSEB’s PLC programmers can design, code, build, adapt, renew, install, test and maintain PLC systems for you. And also in the case of possible standstill, you can call in our PLC programmers.

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. In machine construction and maintenance of machines the term PLC often occurs. Today, virtually every machine in the manufacturing industry is controlled by PLC systems. They are an important part of process automation. PLC systems are used to automate e.g. machines or production lines in manufacturing plants.

Programming PLC systems

SSEB engineers are very experienced in programming PLC systems. PLC, the heart of the machine, controls the entire machine. The PLC program shows what the machine must do. SSEB programs PLCs using CoDeSys.

Production of PLC systems also possible

SSEB can manufacture the PLC system for you. SSEB develops these electrical systems such that they will withstand influences from outside, e.g. fluids, noise or vibrations.

PLC systems for various applications

SSEB develops PLC systems for production processes in various sectors and knows the specific characteristics that must be taken into account when developing PLC systems. SSEB PLC engineers often work in multidisciplinary teams. Because of the variety of specialists, SSEB can be deployed at many fronts.

PLC-systems and your team

Most production companies don’t employ software engineers. These companies call in SSEB to develop PLC systems and stabilize in on the machines. SSEB, in turn, teaches your maintenance engineers (electrotechnical) how to handle the PLC system when looking for malfunctions. A PLC system is very suitable for localizing malfunctions. Your maintenance engineer can see which switches don’t work and why (for software, mechanical or electrotechnical-related reasons).

Want to talk to an SSEB PLC programmer?

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