Production automation


SSEB has many years of experience in automating production processes in large and small industrial companies in various sectors: aerospace, agriculture, waste processing, automotive, tooling, machine construction, metal processing, production, semiconductor, packaging and white goods.

Customers looking for a partner in production automation who can offer an overall solution and is up-to-date on the latest technical innovations, have come to the right address at SSEB. SSEB can customize the entire trajectory, from development, engineering and realization up to and including management and maintenance. SSEB engineers are known for their involvement that allows them, as no other, to develop innovative, smart solutions to make production processes more efficient. Technical solutions and automation solutions that result in considerable savings. SSEB engineers have an in-depth knowledge of your sector and are familiar with your problems.

Production automation from A – Z

SSEB has at its disposal everything that is needed to help you with all facets of production automation. SSEB engineers like to come to your work floor where they, thanks to their experience and up-to-date know-how, have a keen eye for possible efficiency improvements. Together with you, they like to discuss production automation and smart solutions. Their approach is pragmatic and result-oriented.

Depending on the problem, SSEB combines the required expertise. Together, our engineers are capable of handling virtually every assignment in-house, based on their high-quality technical know-how of mechatronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process control, robotics, pneumatics and hydraulics. As a result, the lines between our customers and engineers are always short.

The SSEB integral approach in production automation

Production automations revolves around integrating production resources and software. This involves many fields of SSEB expertise:

Thanks to SSEB’s integral approach, we can offer customized production automation solutions. Part of these solutions are building specialty machines, transport systems, pick-and-place systems, conveyor belts, packaging machines, filling machines, tooling, control panels, dies etc.

It goes without saying that SSEB uses state-of-the-art software to realize its solutions.

Improving your production process?

Would you like to walk around your facilities with an SSEB engineer, free of charge? Discuss the possibilities to further automate your production? To work more efficiently and save costs? Or to improve quality? Challenge the SSEB engineers! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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