Product development and 3D metal printing

3D metal printing? SSEB engineers support you in product development

Product development is at the cradle of high-quality printed metal tools, products and parts. SSEB offers custom-made support. SSEB can, for instance, after 3D scanning of a conventionally made product or prototype, adapt the 3D CAD drawing to improve the product or make it easier to manufacture.

Do you have a good idea, but no thoughts about shape, material or manufacturing processes? SSEB will be happy to think along with you in product development.

3D printing of an idea also helps in the further product development. A real model captures the imagination more than a drawing does. And research amongst potential users is easier with a 3D model than with a drawing.

From A to Z

SSEB regularly works together with customers’ R&D departments on new products, but also on the further development of existing products. New products can include final products, but also components or tooling, or machines for manufacturing final products.
SSEB develops products in the broadest sense of the word for companies in various sectors. SSEB service in the product development process is complete, from idea, up to and including the turnkey delivery of the product. But SSEB offers customized work. You indicate what SSEB expertise you want to deploy, how, and for what activities.

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Do you have ideas for a new product for which 3D metal printing could be the best manufacturing technology?

Allow an experienced SSEB engineer and a 3D specialist to think along with you, free of obligations. Please contact us fora n appointment.

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