Reverse engineering and 3D metal printing

Reverse engineering for 3D printing

You have a tool, a part or a specific product, but no drawings? Without a CAD drawing, 3D printing cannot take place. In this case, reverse engineering is the solution.

Would you like us to print a product for you? We can think along with you about the options and advise whether printing is a viable option. Sometimes, our SSEB engineers will only find the right answer after having carried out – via reverse engineering – analyses and feasibility studies and after having compared these to your wishes and requirements.

This website contains a special page on reverse engineering by SSEB. Click here.

3D metal printing after reverse engineering

Reverse engineering usually starts with a 3D scan of your tool, part or product. The scan is converted in a 3D CAD-model. This model can be analyzed to serve as basis for further optimization or innovation, if so desired. When all parties are satisfied with the results of the analyses and studies, the 3D CAD-model can be used to drive the SSEB 3D metal printer.

Thinking of 3D metal printing but don’t have a drawing?

Let an experienced SSEB reverse engineer and a 3D specialist think along with you, free of obligations. Please contact us for an appointment.

Interested in a cooperation?

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