Expertise 3D metal printing

Broad expertise for overall unburdening

3D printing of high-quality metal products requires more than a high-quality, professional 3D metal printer and know-how of the 3D metal printer. It also requires material know-how, familiarity with the product, knowledge of the customer’s branch, his daily practice and much experience, for instance. SSEB’s expertise even surpasses this all. SSEB aims to unburden its customers from A to Z, using its broad expertise and know-how of the customer. From idea, up to and including production and after-care. All parties involve benefit from this expertise, that is shared both internally and with the customer. It makes that SSEB scores better, also in specific areas.

SSEB’s core activities start with engineering. Over the years, many services were added, including 3D metal printing and the associated activities we can help our customers with. This overall expertise allows SSEB to realize tooling, products and parts that meet the required properties and goals.

Material know-how

Thanks to its unique material know-how, SSEB can offer customers a large added value. SSEB has integrated over 20 years of know-how of and experience with materials in its systems. Very valuable know-how that SSEB customers can benefit from. Know-how that is also deployed in choosing materials for 3D metal printing.

Product development

If you have a product idea, you can call in SSEB to help engineer your product and to think along regarding further product development. That is one of SSEB’s strengths.

3D scanning

SSEB uses a professional 3D scanner to turn original products into 3D CAD drawings.

Reverse engineering

You need 3D CAD drawings to print a product. Do you only have 2D drawings or an original product? SSEB engineers can convert a 2D drawing to a 3D drawing. Is no drawing available at all? Than a 3D scan offers the solution. We call this reverse engineering. And of course, the 3D CAD drawing can be further optimized.

Post-processing 3D metal printing

Sometimes products must be fitted, ground of polished after printing. Post-processing 3D metal printed tooling, products and parts is another expertise you can outsource to SSEB.

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