Plastic prototype

High-quality prototyping

SSEB develops and engineers products, tooling and machines. An important part in this is making high-quality prototypes that can be tested, for instance a plastic prototype. When making prototypes, the material used is essential. In addition to 3D metal printing, SSEB can also 3D print plastics. This is possible using different types of plastic.

SSEB’s material know-how

SSEB knows the characteristics of different materials as no other. We can advise you on the type of plastic that is best suited for your prototype. SSEB engineers understand that speed and reduced costs are important and will advise well in this matter, without concessions to the prototype quality. After all, you must be able to reliably conduct tests with your prototype. But maybe your requirements are otherwise, for instance because you only need your prototype to demonstrate, or show it to potential customers.

A plastic prototype

SSEB conducts engineering in 3D and, during development, takes into account the feasibility of a product and its costs. Obviously, our engineers also think of the best way to make a prototype, when the time comes. Making a prototype is a very important step in the development of the final version of the product. Making a prototype helps in developing the structure, functionality and looks of the final product. You can outsource 3D printing of a prototype in good conscience to SSEB. SSEB works for customers from the idea stage, up to and including production. We work flexibly and to your wishes on innovations and the development of new products. Our broad know-how also comes in handy in prototyping.

Want SSEB to make plastic prototypes?

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