3D prototype printing

Professional and high-quality

3D printing using metal or plastic is an expertise SSEB often deploys for prototyping. Depending on the product and the application, a choice is made for a plastic prototype or a metal prototype. But SSEB has gone beyond 3D printing of prototypes. Developers and designers often have their products 3D printed. An increasing number of industries are finding their way to SSEB for unique, custom-made products, printed as a single product or in small series. SSEB has professional 3D printers, for various plastics or various types of metal. The final result is professional and of a high quality. And you can also leave it to SSEB to fit, grind and polish the printed products.

The advantages of 3D printing

3D printing is often deployed for one of the following reasons:
– Reduction of the development stage
– Weight reduction
– Direct digital production
– Increased productivity
– Material savings
– Energy savings
– Use of new alloys
– Operational optimization
– Access to innovative ideas

3D metal printer

SSEB’s 3D metal printer offers large and small companies many additional opportunities. Read all about it on the page 3D metal printing. Here you can also find a list with all materials used for printing, e.g. stainless steel, titanium and tooling steel.

Why let SSEB do your 3D printing?

SSEB is an engineering firm for innovative products, machines and tooling. You can call in SSEB from idea, up to and including production; the way you want and in a flexible manner. SSEB also engineers in 3D and has its own 3D scanner. SSEB has incorporated 20 years of material know-how in its systems and is absolute unique in this. All of this know-how and experience with materials, product development, optimization and engineering come in handy when 3D printing on a professional and high-quality level.

Want to see examples of 3D printing?

SSEB would be happy to show you examples and the possibilities in 3D printing in plastic and metal. An experienced engineer will tell you all about it. Please contact us for an appointment.

Interested in a cooperation?

Please contact us via phone 0031 485 361 025 or mail us at info@sseb.eu.