Metal prototype

High-quality metal prototypes

Following development and engineering of a product, SSEB often makes a metal prototype. Plastic is possible, but not always suitable. Especially when it concerns tooling and machines. A prototype must be made from a material that corresponds with the desired final product as much as possible. Only then successful tests can be done. For a metal prototype, SSEB selects the most suitable material from many options, including stainless steel, titanium and tooling steel. You will find a list of materials SSEB uses for 3D metal printing on the page 3D metal printing.

Why choose SSEB for prototyping?

SSEB is an engineering firm that offers many extra facilities to be of service to customers, from idea, up to and including production. SSEB develops, engineers, tests and produces products, tooling and machines for companies in various sectors. Following engineering and development, customers often want to test a prototype of the product. Testing can relate to users (how do they experience the product, what can be improved or what should be done differently?) or to technology. Is the model faultless? Does the product, tool or machine really work? Prototype testing can generate answers to these questions.

Making a prototype is a very important step in the development of the final version of the product. SSEB engineers will print in 3D and, during the development stage, keep in mind the product feasibility and cost. Making a prototype helps you and the SSEB engineers in the development of the structure, functionality and look of the final product. Making and, possibly, 3D printing of a metal prototype is an important expertise of SSEB. SSEB works on innovations and optimizations, the way you want and in a flexible manner, from idea, up to and including production. In many sectors. And our expertise comes in handy in useful prototyping.

Know-how of metal

The material of which a prototype is made is essential when testing its technical operation. SSEB has incorporated over 20 years of experience with metals in its systems. This know-how is unique and of added value in every stage of the process. Also for prototyping in metal. Which types of metal can you choose from and what material is best suited for your prototype? SSEB engineers can give you and answer.

When prototyping in metal, a 3D printer is often used. SSEB has its own 3D metal printer.

Want to let SSEB make a metal prototype?

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