Pleased to meet you: Rogér de Boer

Who: Rogér de Boer
With SSEB since: January 2017
Position: Mechatronics engineer

My name is Rogér de Boer and I am Mechatronics engineer at SSEB. I joined SSEB on January 2, 2017. Last year I completed my study Mechatronics at Fontys in Venlo. This is my first fulltime job, I previously held several side jobs.

I choose SSEB because it gives me the opportunity to translate the things I’ve learned during my study into a practical situation. I like working at a smaller company because here I get much help during my learning process. At SSEB you get more personal attention that in a large company, where you are often left on your own.

My work entails developing, building, testing and commissioning machines. I currently also spend much time drawing and detailing cutting and deep-drawing tools.

The best thing about my work is the variation in assignments. One day you may work on developing or detailing tooling, the next day you may work in the workshop, building up or adapting other projects.

In my spare time, I like to play soccer, go out with friends. I also enjoy visiting festivals.

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