Pleased to meet you: Erik Janssen

Who: Erik Janssen
With SSEB since: February 2017
Position: Engineer

My name is Erik Janssen and I am an engineer at SSEB. I started here in August 2016 as an intern. After six months internship I am now employed as an engineer. I obtained my middle management engineering technician (level 4) diploma at the ROC ter AA in Helmond. After that, I received my HBO diploma in mechanical engineering from Fontys in Venlo.

During vacations and on Saturdays, I held several jobs and gained substantial technical know-how. For two years, I worked at Bongers Siloreparatie, where I welded and did repair and installation work. Next, I worked for three years at YPEX Kiddieland en Wisselautomaten. I did mostly repair work here, and was often underway in the Netherlands and Belgium to solve problems.

Before joining SSEB, I worked for another company in the same industrial area and regularly passed SSEB. When looking for a HBO graduate internship, SSEB was the first company to come to mind, as SSEB´s activities appealed to me. Following some discussion on an appropriate assignment, I successfully completed my final internship. As both SSEB and I were pleased, I could stay on as engineer.

Part of my job is to develop, design and draw 3D constructions, and develop the 3D drawings into construction drawings.  The thing I like most about my work is developing new constructions and the great atmosphere in the office. In my spare time, I like to watch series and films and working on cars. I also work on hobby projects, including welding outdoor furnaces and making the CNC plasma cutter that I designed myself.

Interested in a cooperation?

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