Modulebouw voor Van der Valk

Engineering and realization of modules for Van der Valk Systemen

Module construction for Van der Valk Systemen

Van der Valk Systemen specializes in the development and production of vent opening mechanisms and screen materials for greenhouses. For a number of years, they have been using an assembly machine to position rubber strips in aluminum profiles.
Four modules in this assembly machine needed replacing. All four have the same functionality, but are used for different types of aluminum profiles. The profiles differ from one another, for instance in size.

Improving modules and module construction
SSEB was asked to develop and realize six new modules and to investigate every possible improvement opportunity. The functionalities had to remain intact, just like the existing interface. We were asked to apply state-of-the-art technology.

Easier to use and more flexible
What could the SSEB engineers do to make the modules smarter? We investigated various options and developed a new 3D design. After the customer’s approval of the 3D design, we realized the various modules.

Modulebouw voor Van der Valk

In doing so, we implemented, amongst others, the following improvements:

  • Handles were added to the modules, making them easier to operate. The handle allows for the easy exchange of modules, for instance when a different size aluminum profile must be processed.
  • We have ensured that parts that wear quickly, are easy to replace.
  • The gripper heads are replaceable, making the process more flexible.
  • The design is more reliable and smoother.
  • The module is sturdy and more robust.

Development of two completely new modules
In addition to replacing and improving existing modules, SSEB also developed two entirely new modules for this assembly machine. They are intended for new variants of aluminum profiles.

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