SSEB is expert in developing and engineering clamping fixtures.

Welding fixtures

Positioning product parts for welding

In every production process where welding or robotic welding is necessary, high-quality, accurate welding fixtures determine the quality of the final product. A welding fixture is used to position product parts for welding. This secures the geometry of the product parts. SSEB is expert in developing and engineering welding fixtures. Moreover, SSEB Systems, the manufacturing branch of SSEB, can take on production of the welding fixture. SSEB thus delivers your welding fixture turnkey.

When demands with regard to maximum casting are high, or when long welds must be made, the welding fixture should have a cooling function. This is also the case when the material is sensitive to buckling when exposed to heat.

Developing a welding fixture

To be able to accurately position your product parts, SSEB looks at both the product and the welding options. Sometimes it is necessary to integrate a specific functionality on the product before it is welded. Other considerations also play a role: construction possibilities, the number of products, ergonomic options in view of ease-of-use, or the expected costs of the various options.

Customers involve SSEB in an early stage, when ideas for a new product are generated. This gives opportunity for developing smart solutions. Taking into account welding and other processing steps in the development stage of a product will often lead to simpler, faster and cheaper production.

Material know-how

Customers can benefit from the huge material know-how of SSEB in the development of welding fixtures. Welding fixtures must be durable to remain accurate. As no other, SSEB engineers know their material characteristics. This know-how is gathered in 20 years of experience and incorporated in the software systems of SSEB. We enjoy sharing this experience with you, to make a lasting welding fixture.

Higher numbers, maximum production capacity

SSEB engineers think along with you, also about maximizing your production capacity. We develop product carriers, systems that assemble product parts and prepare for welding, while another product is being welded. This allows for the more intensive use of laser and welding robot and increased production capacity.

Complex welding fixtures

SSEB engineers enjoy challenging technical issues, such as the development and production of complex welding fixtures.


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SSEB is expert in developing and engineering clamping fixtures.
SSEB is expert in developing and engineering clamping fixtures.
SSEB is expert in developing and engineering clamping fixtures.

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