Pleased to meet you: Monica Peters

Who: Monica Peters
With SSEB since: March 2017
Position: Administrative assistant

Hello, my name is Monica Peters and I joined SSEB on March 1, 2017 as an administrative assistant. Before joining SSEB I worked for three years as an administrative assistant with IrisZorg in Nijmegen. IrisZorg offers care for people with complex problems in Nijmegen. And before that I was a flight attendant with KLM for 15 years.

I had to leave IrisZorg because of a reorganization. Shortly after that, I received a call from Wilma Hubers, who works at SSEB. She told me SSEB was looking for an administrative assistant; was I interested? Working at SSEB seemed really nice to me and the position appealed to me. I went there a couple of times and was hired!

I support my colleague Michel Ströher with administrative tasks such as entering new orders, purchasing orders, invoice preparation, taking phone calls and putting calls through, arranging transports with BB Express, sending requests for information to various suppliers etc.

I really like the variation in my work and the fact that I am now working in an entirely new branch. It is a true men’s world with lots of technical terms. But I enjoy learning new things.

In my spare time I like to run, read, meet friends in Nijmegen or at home with a glass of wine. I also enjoy being at home and being free, together with my husband and children.

Interested in a cooperation?

Please contact us via phone 0031 485 361 025 or mail us at