Maak speciaalmachines flexibeler en rendabeler met cobots

Introducing cobots for more flexible and cost-efficient specialty machines

For a number of years there has been talk of the potential and advantages of cobots. In the past year, the cobot market has expanded considerably. An increasing number of logistics and production companies recognize the advantage of a cobot; they are flexible, easily deployable and user-friendly.

Cobot is short for collaborative robot. It is a robot that operates next to and with men. It has been known for years as a safe robot, suitable to be placed in a production environment without a safety fence.

How do we get the most out of a cobot?

Unlimited potential
The cobot offers endless possibilities for process automation. Different applications can be realized quickly and easily. This is in part thanks to the user friendliness of the software, that allows for the very fast adaptation of the program to enable the cobot to execute a different action. In addition, the cobot works and communicates well with other components of the production of packaging process.

Cobots can be applied in various ways:

* In assembly lines, executing tasks that include welding, mounting or screwing.

* In packaging, moving or reorganizing products.

Specialty machine & cobot
At SSEB we continue to research the potential of cobots. In our production hall, we recently set up a cobot configuration to perform tests for our customers. Currently we are testing taking over a manual pick & place action. Products are transported via a conveyor belt and sensors are used. At the same time, communication between the different components is tested.

A cobot is a component within an automation solution, such as a specialty machine, but not automation in itself. Even though it is a very flexible component with many options, only when integrated correctly will the cobot be a success. And this is one of the strengths of SSEB.

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