Change of address!

Smart Solution Engineering Beugen becomes Smart Solutions Engineering Boxmeer!

In September, it will happen: we will be moving from Beugen to nearby Boxmeer. Seven years ago, SSEB started in the Transport Centre in Beugen and lots have happened since.

SSEB’s growth
In 2010 Frank Hubers set up Smart Solutions Engineering Beugen (SSEB), an engineering firm specialized in product and process development for the automotive industry.

What started with three employees has now expanded to a staff of thirteen. SSEB not only grew in terms of people, but also became active in several other branches (e.g. aerospace) and expanded its work scope. Since 2013, SSEB can also call itself machine constructor.

Saxe Gotha
As a result of these developments, SSEB no longer fitted in its Beugen office. Time for the next step: a new office building in Boxmeer.  The new building is developed by Ebert van Rooij of architectural firm Van Rooij in Boxmeer. SSEB’s new building is located on the industrial zone Saxe Gotha, ideally located near the A73.

The new building offers ample office and meeting space as well as a large hall. This hall is large enough for SSSEB to further expand its machine construction activities.

The move has its consequences for our name: Smart Solutions Engineering Beugen becomes Smart Solutions Engineering Boxmeer. With this name and the new building, SSEB is ready for the future!

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