Automatiseringsoplossing voor Doesburg Components

Automation solution improves product quality and efficiency

SSEB developed and realized a semi-automatic assembly table for customer Doesburg Components. This assembly table automates the tapping of dowel pins into a bracket.

Previously, the dowel pins were manually tapped into the brackets. This was heavy work and virtually impossible to do accurately. Because of this, there was always the risk that dowel pins were damaged, thus making it hard to guarantee the quality of the product.

In short: an automation solution was needed.

Very sturdy construction
Much force is needed to tap a dowel pin into a bracket because we are dealing with interference fit: the hole in which the dowel pin is tapped, is smaller than the dowel pin itself. This causes a sturdy fit, but it also means the dowel pin must be tapped or pressed with much force. Therefore, a very sturdy construction is required.

When Doesburg Components approached SSEB for an automation solution, 30,000 brackets were equipped with one or two dowel pins annually. Increasing the number of dowel pins was not important; increasing quality and efficiency was. As was easing the heavy work for employees.

A controlled process
SSEB developed a semi-automatic assembly table with built-in sensors. These sensors ensure that the exact positioning of the dowel pins can be determined. To better control the process, the dowel pins are pressed instead of tapped into the bracket. With this semi-automatic assembly table two different sizes dowel pins can be pressed into four different bracket configurations.

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